Cecilia Growing Day by Day


Felicity Growing Day by Day


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our Little Gymnast

For almost a year now Cecilia has enjoyed getting on her hands and feet and looking through her legs to observe the world upside down. To her own surprise, she discovered that if she just pushes off her feet enough, she will flip over. Yesterday she did her first summersault and enjoyed it so much she decided to do a couple more.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Update on Baby "Bean"

Well, the results from the ultrasound were very good. The baby looks very healthy and right on schedule. She has been kicking me more and more, which makes me smile almost every time. She has even kicked Cecilia though I don't think Cecilia realized it as it was in the vicinity of her diaper.

James and I are working on names - primarily girl names though we do plan to have a boy's name just in case.

The pregnancy has been going very well and we are getting eager to meet our new little one.

Getting Bigger All the Time...

Cecilia came dangerously close to crawling out of her crib. She could get one whole leg over the top bar and lift herself up until her body was parallel to the floor.

So, before we had to deal with her and the floor being introduced from a much greater height than she has ever met the floor before.....

She picked out the Butterfly pillow herself. She loves butterflies.

It took us a day to get the guard rail that would fit next to the mattress but inside the side rail of the bedframe. There is no box spring but a special support board and hence she can get on and off her bed all by herself. Our only concern is the fact that once she is on it, she likes to jump and run and have a ball. Hopefully the novelty will wear off enough for the jungle gym antics to cease to panic me and threaten her.

While it did take us over an hour last night, she did go to sleep in her own bed and in fact slept there the entire night. I'm honestly not sure if she woke up all night or not. I know once, before I was asleep, I had to untangle her foot from the sheet, but most of the night was a blur to me.

Tables, Chairs and Balloons

Cecilia received a table and chairs set from Grandma Carol. She loves it. She generally keeps her stuffed Winnie the Pooh sitting in one chair while she uses the other. (It comes with two more chairs, which James assembled, but we are currently storing them until needed.) She eats her snacks at the table, reads her books, and colors with crayons (occassionally literally on the table). Unfortunately she figured out how to climb on top of the table without even using a chair, but at least she hasn't done it since that one time.

Cecilia also absolutely LOVES balloons - usually preferring the yellow ones. I think her favorite place to eat might be Red Robin because she knows she will get a balloon every time.

Cecilia's Visit from "PawPaw" and Grandma Bea

James' parents came up to visit Cecilia, whom they had not seen for over a year. Cecilia had a blast.